The Heritage Directory

                                                                                                                                 The Heritage Directory has provided the following articles as an informative guide to aspects of the historic environment. The articles are grouped into the following areas : General & Legal, Architectural History, Interiors, Exteriors, Gardens, Preventative and Remedial and Professionals and Contractors.  


Brickwork Bonding
Cob, Clay Lump & Earth walling
Glass in Historic Windows
Handmade Plain Tiles and Peg Tiles
Lime, Lime Putty, Non-Hydraulic Lime, Hydraulic Lime and Pozzolans
Parts of a Sash Window
Sash Windows
Test Article 2
Victorian Roof Finials
History of Architecture
Hinges, Latches, Bolts and Locks in Historic Farmhouses & Cottages
Historic Farmhouse and Cottage Doors
Historic Fireplaces
Historic Staircases
Legislation and General
Local Authorities
What is a Conservation Area ?
Preventative and Remedial Work
Professionals and Contractors