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Thermo Lignum UK Limited
Unit 14, Bell Industrial Estate 50 Cunnington Street Chiswick, London, W4 5HB
Tel 0208 747 0900 & Fax 0208 747 0955
Thermo Lignum® has pioneered the development of natural alternatives to chemical methods of insect pest eradication since 1990. Thermo Lignum’s® ecological WARMAIR technique will sympathetically eradicate damage-causing insect pests, such as woodworm, death watch beetle, moths and carpet beetle etc., from a wide spectrum of organic materials, including wood, paper, textiles, leather, fur and natural history specimens, in objects ranging from artwork and furniture to rugs, tapestries and garments, through structural and architectural components of timber frame buildings. In addition, the Thermo Lignum® WARMAIR process is being used successfully to combat Dry Rot. Thermo Lignum also has offices in Austria, Germany and Belgium.  

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