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Slinden Services Ltd ( Cast Iron Repairs )
L3 Olympic House, Westminster Industrial Estate, Measham, Derbyshire DE12 7DS
Tel 01530 274646 & Fax 01530 274647
Specialists in the repair of broken and damaged Cast Iron : Railings, Balustrades, Columns, Canopies, Lamp Posts, Bridges, Gates etc. using our approved ‘Fusion Welding Procedure’ and/or ‘Metal Stitching’ re-casting service available for any missing castings/sections. All components are dismantled, cleaned and expertly repaired followed by re-assembly, shot-blasting and painting to customer requirements. On Site Re-fitting service available. Restoring items to their former glory and preserving components created by our ancestors and preserved for our future generations. On-site inspection, free quotation and collection/delivery service also available. Please call our team for any further advice.  

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