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Keim Mineral Paints Limited
Santok Building, Deer Park Way, Donnington Wood, Telford, Shropshire TF2 7NA
Tel 01952 231250 & Fax 01952 231251
Keim Mineral Paints have had a significant role in the restoration of our heritage since 1878. Keim Mineral Paints are environmentally friendly, sustainable, colourfast protective and decorative surface coatings. They provide a wide range of solutions to common problems associated with conventional film forming acrylic coatings in addition to being highly decorative. Keim Mineral Paints give specifiers confidence in the longevity of decoration and are ideal for use in restoration and conservation due to the high breathability of the paints, compatibility with lime and use of all natural ingredients. Render, concrete and stone repair materials are also available.   

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