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Handmade Plain Tiles and Peg Tiles
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Clay Tiles : Salvaged & Secondhand

Historically the use of salvaged and second hand tiles has had a long history, due to their durability, and is a good example of sustainability. However, it is vitally important that old and second hand tiles are not removed from the roofs of historic buildings, as they are important evidence of local traditions. Therefore their use from elsewhere has been discouraged, to avoid their lose from their historic locations and their theft from existing buildings, which has been a widespread problem. However, if legitimately sourced from reputable companies, they can be useful in making up a shortfall for particularly sensitive locations. All advertisers featured here must be signed up to the Salvo Code.

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Companies supplying goods or services for Clay Tiles : Salvaged & Secondhand
Antique Buildings Ltd
Hunterswood Farm, Alfold Road, Dunsfold, Godalming, Surrey, GU8 4NP
Tel 01483-200477
Antique Buildings Ltd was founded in 1975, specialising in ancient oak-framed buildings. They are architectural consultants on re-erecting and converting timber frames, holding stocks of complete frames of buildings, such as houses, barns, cartsheds, and granaries, painstakingly drawn, numbered and photographed, before being carefully dismantled for re-erection. They also can supply reclaimed oak beams, handmade peg tiles, handmade bricks, Yorkstone Flags, Bargate Stone, Sussex Stone, Oak Plank Doors, Yorkstone and Granite Setts, Terracotta Floor Tiles, Brick Pavers, and reclaimed floorboards.
Solopark, Station Road, Nr Pampisford, Cambridgeshire CB22 3HB Telephone 01223 834663 Website: