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Clay Floor Tiles & Gault Clay Floor Tiles

Square terracotta floor tiles have been popular since the medieval period, and from the 16th century have been characterised by the large quarry tile, known as Pammets or Pamments in East Anglia, used in farmhouses. It is still popular today for a rustic look.

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Companies supplying goods or services for Clay Floor Tiles & Gault Clay Floor Tiles
Dutch Delft Tiles / Oudolf jr
Broekstraat 17, 6999 DE, Hummelo, The Netherlands, Visit by appointment.
Tel +31 (0) 314 38 1135 Fax +31 (0) 314 38 1148
Our company is a supplier of traditional hand crafted Delft Tiles, to authentic and traditional patterns. We are a dynamic company with a zeal for traditional materials that attract attention because of their unique characteristics and appeal. This allows us to meet the increasing demand for distinctive materials that can be processed in a modern or traditional way. Our goal is to offer a balanced product range that is compatible as for atmosphere and style and meets the highest quality standards. Other products include wall tiles, plain and coloured with custom tiles and glazes, as well as terracotta floor tiles.
Kent Clay Tiles Ltd
Mountfield Road, New Romney, Kent TN28 8LH
Tel 01797 364777 Fax 01797 363932
Located in New Romney, Kent, Kent Clay Tiles is leading the way in reviving the handmade clay roof tile industry. Using only the finest clay sourced from the UK and traditional skills combined with modern kiln technology, we have over 50 years combined experience in the handmade clay tile, Peg tile and fittings sector enabling us to advise clients on product and design solutions, technical expertise all backed up by first class customer service support. Tested and approved by Lucideon, our affordable, genuine handmade clay tiles include standard and bespoke colours and styles, offering the architect, specifier or homeowner complete freedom to achieve the roof they desire.
Norfolk Pamments Ltd
Factory: 6b, Pulham Market Hall, Station Road, Pulham Market, Norfolk IP21 4XF Office: 5 Church Road, Aslacton, Norfolk NR15 2JH
Tel 07940 852651 or 01379 674595
Pamments (or pammets) are traditional handmade terracotta floor tiles. They are individually made from raw regional clays in a range of pinks , reds and rustic colours. The sizes are as standard 9”x9”x3/4” or 1” and 12”x12”x1” with bespoke sizes made to order. Pamments are frequently chosen for conservation and renovation projects in churches and listed properties, contributing to the protection of England’s heritage. Gardens old and new are enhanced by their use for patios and paths.
Spicer Tiles
Unit 20, Mountfield Road, New Romney, Kent TN28 8LH
Tel 01797-364777
A family owned and operated business, based in Ashford, Kent, Spicer Tiles specialise in the production of hand made clay peg tiles and fittings. Their tiles display all the hallmarks of a hand made product, subtle variations of size and texture and even foldmarks in the clay, unique features which can only be produced by hand. They also make terracotta floor tiles, and can make the following to order ; oast tiles, mono ridge, mathematical tiles, mansard tiles and ornamental tiles.