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Parts of a Sash Window


Parts of a Sash Window

Parts of a Sash Window

A  Architrave, B  Inner Lining, C  Outer Lining, D  Fixing Block or Glue Block, E  Pulley,

F  Staff bead / Stop Bead, G  Top Rail, H  Sash Cord, I  Top Sash, J  Glazing, K  Parting Bead,

L  Bevelled Face, M  Meeting Rail, N  Sash Horn, O  Sash Fastener/ Sash Catch, P  Sash Stile,

Q  Pulley Stile / Pulley Lining, R  Glazing Bar / Sash Bar / Astragals / Muntins, S  Bottom Sash,

T  Parting Slip / Mid Feather / Parting Feather / Wagtail, U  Bottom Rail, V  Batten Rod,

W  Sash weight / Counter Weight, X  Access Pocket, Y  Window Board